Healership Stories:
Natural Energy Healing & Ecology With Kain

Chad’s Story


During my twenty-five years in physical therapy, I’ve served the sports medicine, outpatient therapy, home health and inpatient rehab settings. For the past fifteen years, as a Director of Rehabilitation overseeing speech, occupational and physical therapy, no year has been more challenging than 2020 and the start of 2021.

With primarily “western medicine” approaches in the U.S., I’ve always known our medical system misses the all-important spiritual side of healing. As we’ve seen over the past year, our healthcare system is under tremendous stress and many of our medical professionals are getting burnt-out.

With the help of natural energy healing & ecology with Kain, I’ve been able to support my own health, regain and maintain balance and wellbeing as well as support team members and patients.

In mid-March of 2020, I experienced several COVID-like symptoms. At the time, testing was limited, however my exposure to the virus was high. After a couple of days of not being able to move and having severe symptoms, I began the Healership program. Within a few days, the healing sessions, exercises and meditation routine accelerated my recovery without the need for traditional medicine, prescriptions and treatments. I’m certain the personalized and customized healing program that included virtual energy healing sessions, spiritual and physical exercises and one-on-one consultation helped me on a natural journey to recovery and return to balance.

With an “energy maintenance” plan designed by Healership, I was able to return to working with patients. Even at the height of the summer COVID peak and day-to-day exposure to several COVID-positive patients and team members, I was able to maintain a healthy balance.

With twice-a-week COVID testing, in December of 2020, I tested positive for COVID-19. I increased the frequency of the Healership program I had learned in March. Quarantined for the holidays, I only experienced minimal symptoms, the worst being loss of smell and taste for a few days. The Healership program again aided in a rapid recovery and minimized severity of symptoms.

I highly recommend contacting Kain and the Healership team to experience healing and feel the harmonizing balance of mind, body, spirt and soul the programs offer. While my story highlights my experience in facing COVID, the Healership program offers so much more. The program is thoughtfully customized to bring harmony and balance to your life for whatever challenges you may be facing.

Many blessings,

– C.S.
Husband, father, aspiring photographer & seeker of natural healing & beauty

JC’s Story


Over the past two decades, my health and wellbeing have been supported in deeply meaningful and effective ways by the healing with nature’s energies of Kain and Healership. The results have been amazing and ongoing for the major to minor conditions that have accompanied my personal journey towards greater enlightened wholeness and transformational creative/community/societal service as a poet, visual artist, arts initiative founder and “cartographer of the unseen”.

What makes this approach so unique? First, Healership’s novel perspective that views the opportunities for healing not through a lens of disempowering sickness, but as soulful calls to expand our understanding of who we really are and what we are part of, and to harmonize cooperation among the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. Second, the eye-opening realization through Healership’s deep and pioneering energy science that supporting the work of bringing healing to the health issues of the planet and humanity that correspond to what we are experiencing personally is one of the surest, most meaningful and powerful ways to sustain our own wellbeing.

The wider my field of understanding and support has become through Healership, the healthier, happier, stronger, more balanced and harmonized I have become. The unanticipated side-benefit of what I thought was simply “healing” has been a capacity to express my purpose and fulfill my dream of living a noble, adventurous life of making a positive difference in the world far beyond what I imagined, thanks to the “bigger reservoir” of inspiration, energy and substance that comes with cooperation and support for the planetary life and the heart of humanity through the Healership pathway. I cannot thank and recommend Kain and Healership enough for their care, exceptional skill and pioneering insight that empowers lives’ health and purpose.

– JC
poet, artist & arts initiative founder

PK’s Story


In working with Kain and Healership, I’ve discovered each of us is comprised of a fascinating combination of dynamic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies that make us unique. I have experienced that this combination evolves and responds to the many forces in our environments that we come in contact with to the extent that our needs and perceptions change throughout the many different seasons of our lives. 

Throughout my experience with Healership for more than a decade, I have been greatly impressed by their abilities to perceive and intuit the nature and conditions of the unique constellation of my energies. I am grateful for their use of those perceptions to heal, regenerate, and renew all aspects of my being. From a potentially career-ending injury to family and personal relationships to career guidance, Healership has assisted me in recovering miraculously from critical situations that I believed were hopeless and inevitable. They have worked selflessly with me to pass through these many thresholds into revelatory awareness of what comprehensive healing can accomplish. 

Not only have they provided me with the tools and frameworks to recover from despair and dysfunction of many types, I have emerged better and stronger and more capable than I ever was before tapping into their deep capacities to heal the conditions that I simply could not overcome through any conventional medical or psychological treatments.

For me, the outcomes that resulted from my work with Kain and Healership have been priceless. The value of what they offer cannot be expressed in terms of any ordinary currency, and I recommend them highly.

– P. K.
Musician, educator and philanthropist

“Healership is an extraordinary journey of discovering, valuing and stewarding the energies we’re here to share with our world”