“With the help of energy healing & ecology with Kain, I’ve been able to support my own health, regain and maintain balance and wellbeing as well as support team members and patients.”

– C.S.
Husband, father, director of rehabilitation & seeker of natural healing & beauty

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Welcome to Healership!
Our mission of good centers on enlivening abundant personal, societal and planetary wellbeing through practicing the art of healing with natural energies.

Individuals, Youth, Families, Communities, Cities, Nations, Humanity And Our Living Earth

Are you seeking healing, improved quality of life, help for a loved one or more abundant wellbeing for your world?

I invite you to experience a wholistic way of nourishing your journey of wellbeing and the wellbeing of the lives, projects and communities you care about
the art of healing with natural energies at a distance


Kain – founding steward of Healership and natural energy ecologist & healer

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“We’re so grateful we found Kain and Healership to help us bring the magic of energy into our lives and help us on our paths of wellbeing” 

– JS & CS
educator, social worker, lovers of the arts and advocates for human caring and justice

Natural Energies For Your Journey of Wellbeing

Wherever you are on your journey of wellbeing, I believe our unique, wholistic approach to facilitating healing and nourishment of your world with natural energies can offer you help on your way.

One of the most meaningful moments I experience on my path as a natural energy healer, ecologist and guide is the moment when a life realizes their innate power to heal with energy and steps forward on their journey of being in more conscious cooperation with their living ecosystem of natural energies.

I’ve been on a mission of uplifting kindred lives, communities and our world through natural energy healing and energetic ecology for over 25 years in this life’s sojourn. I know in my heart that one of the greatest keys to transforming our lives, challenges and society resides in realizing our capacities to heal and steward our energies abundantly for the wellbeing of one another, our families, our communities, our Humanity and our living Earth.

Healership is dedicated to honoring the beauty and agency of your extraordinary journey of being, development and fulfillment through the ageless art of healing with natural energies.

If you’ve been searching for a natural, energetic, spiritual or wholistic approach to assist you on your unique way of healing, flourishing, and being in the world, Healership may be the solution you’re looking for.

If you have a loved one in need and are seeking to help improve their quality of life, Healership may be the solution you’re looking for.

If you feel the heart of our Humanity, communities or Earth aching and calling for transformative healing of our relations and journey of evolving together, Healership may be the solution you’re looking for. 

If you’re evolving into expanded development and stewardship of your spiritual energies for the wellbeing of our world, Healership may be the solution you’re looking for.

You’re an extraordinary, abundant being of living energies endowed with innate capacities to heal, regenerate and enliven yourself, your loved ones and your world.

Thank you for your care in exploring Healership’s natural energy healing and ecology for your journey of wellbeing.

With loving care,

Are you seeking help with…

personal, professional or spiritual wellbeing?

improving your loved ones’ quality of life?

supporting the life passing of a family member?

empowering the energy of your creative idea or project?

bringing healing to a neighborhood, city or community you care about?

helping our humanity, society and earth flourish together into our bright future?

Healership offers you a wholistic way of bringing abundant regeneration, transformation and wellbeing to your world
healing & developing your personal energy ecosystem with natural energies.

There is truly more to our personal and societal journey of health, evolution, fulfillment and wellbeing than meets the eye.

I invite you to a free conversation to explore how natural energy healing and ecology with Healership may help you on your way.

To your wellbeing,

Kain – founder of Healership and natural energy ecologist & healer


Healership is born from the love of healing the heart of our lives, Humanity and world with our natural energies”

Personal, Societal & Planetary Wellbeing Through Natural Energy Healing & Ecology
Our unique healing approach helps facilitate healthful harmony, development and stewardship of our interconnected personal, societal and planetary ecosystems of natural energy to realize abundant wellbeing for our world.