Healership Payments And Contributions

For Clients: Make Payments To Your Healership Program

For Patrons: Contribute To Our Efforts Of Healing The Heart Of Our Lives, Humanity And World

“When we go to the heart of our being, we discover we’re here simply to help one another on our way of wellbeing in the world”

Your payments and contributions to Healership power our mission, calling and efforts to care for and uplift the wellbeing of our personal lives, families, communities, nations, Humanity and our living Earth through the sacred art of healing with natural energies.

May your and our shared journey of wellbeing for the world be nourishing, magical and abundant!

Your Space To Manage Your Client Payments Or Patron Contributions To Healership

This is your space to make and manage payments for your confirmed Healership Program as well as to contribute as a supporting Patron of Healership fueling our world healing mission.

We offer 7 core programs to nourish your journey of wellbeing, your loved ones and the world:

  1. Personal Healership
  2. Project Healership
  3. Community Healership
  4. City & Nation Healership
  5. Humanity Healership
  6. Earth Healership
  7. Weekly World Healership

If you have questions about your program payment or patron contributions, please be in touch at healership@gmail.com.

Thank you for your generous care and contribution.

– Kain and the Healership Crew

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” May you be abundantly well on your way “

Kain & The Healership Crew