wheREver you are on your journey of Energetic Development and wellbeing IN THE WORLD, healership offers CUSTOM-Tailored NATURAL Energy Healing & Ecology PROGRAMS TO HELP YOU ON YOUR WAY

We work with you and your ecosystem of energies at a distance to help nourish, regenerate and uplift:

Energies of Physical Wellbeing

Energies of Emotional Wellbeing

Energies of Mental Wellbeing

Energies of Creative Wellbeing

Energies of Professional Wellbeing

Energies of Financial Wellbeing

Energies of Civic Wellbeing

Energies of Societal Wellbeing

Energies of Planetary Wellbeing

Energies of Spiritual Wellbeing

Healership offers natural energy healing, development and stewardship programs to help bring abundant wellbeing, regeneration and spiritual nourishment to your current experience, loved ones, mission of good or community cause from wherever you reside in the world.

our approach focuses on nourishing the energies of your whole being, harmonizing your unique energy ecosystem and vitalizing the innate health-promoting mechanisms of your bodies to help you realize abundant states of wellbeing


Enlivening The Abundance Of Your Wholeness of Being

your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual energy, consciousness, development and wellbeing are interconnected and can be cared for through the abundant wholeness of nature’s energies

Bringing Harmony To Your Natural Energy Ecosystem

every life, project and community is composed of a unique energetic ecosystem and anatomy that’s designed to be strengthened, nourished and healed with our natural energies

Nourishing Your Path of Development & Wellbeing

healing with our natural energies is innate in our being and an ongoing part of our lifelong journey of personal, societal and spiritual development, contribution and transformation


1. Our Initial Conversation

We’ll have an initial discovery conversation to connect with one another, dialogue on your healing aims & areas of care and explore the nature of your unique energy ecosystem to find out if natural energy healing and ecology with Healership is a resonant fit for you and your current journey of wellbeing.

2. Your Custom Healership Program

Guided by your energetic presence, healing aims and area of focus and personal energy ecosystem, we’ll begin a one-week or multi-week Individual, Project, Community, City & Nation, Humanity or Earth Healership Program of daily distant healing with natural energies from wherever you are in the world.

Our daily natural energy healing and ecology is purely remote and facilitated by Healership’s founding steward, Kain. During your program, you’ll have the opportunity to connect online/virtually with Healership to dialogue for deeper insight, meditate to acclimate with healing energies and tune your program based on your experience, feedback and progressions.

Our core healing programs are one-week and multi-week in duration. Custom monthly, annual and ongoing retainer Healership Programs can be designed and provided for your journey, project, community or cause as well.

3. Enlivening Your Path of Being

Your experience and progress of healing with natural energies is unique to your journey of wellbeing and guided by the living energies of your body, ecosystem and being.

At the end of your scheduled one-week or multi-week program, we’ll have a check-in together to explore your experience towards realizing your healing, development and wellbeing aims and conclude your Healership Program.

If you’re called to further deepen your experience and capacities in natural energy healing, development and stewardship, you’ll have the opportunity to initiate a follow-on Program or you may find you have a calling to contribute to our mission of world healing as a dedicated patron.

We look forward to exploring how we may be able to help you, your loved ones, your mission of good, your community or a societal cause you care about deeply.

“healing with energies is our nature”